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How To Stop Yelling Workshop

How To STOP Yelling Workshop

Hey, I’m Andee. I’ll help you finally break up with your dud of a parenting partner – ‘CORRECTION’ and transfer all your love and attention to a new parenting partner – ‘CONNECTION.’ This is hands-down THE secret to kids who listen, respect you, and actually enjoy your company!

This workshop, based on my Amazon best-selling book, will help you – STOP yelling and get your kids to WANT to listen. You’ll learn skills that will help you stay calm, connected, and confident no matter what your kids are doing. Ready to build strong relationships with your kids that last? Don’t miss this workshop!<<]

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Although this workshop was given live previously, when you watch the recording, you will still be able to reach out to us with questions through chat and participate in the experience as if it were live!